What type of marketing are conferences?

Other types of event marketing include job fairs, exclusive customer conferences, networking sessions, VIP experiences, sponsorships, award events and competitions (such as 5-kilometer races or golf outings). There are many possible ways to promote your business and products through events because events work. Event marketing is a strategy used by marketers to promote their brand, product or service with in-person or real-time participation. These events can be held online or offline, and companies can participate as hosts, participants, or sponsors.

Marketers use inbound and outbound event marketing strategies for promotional purposes. This quick review of the importance of event marketing gives some clues about the effectiveness of this marketing channel. For team leaders, marketing managers and company executives, it can be extremely beneficial to have a broad view of what the best brands are doing in terms of marketing and brand innovation. Event marketing is a type of marketing that involves promoting a brand, product or service by celebrating, participating in, or attending events.

Approximately 60% of marketers believe that their own websites are the most effective channel for promoting their event. Regardless of the strategy a brand follows, 95% of marketers consider event marketing to be the most important way to achieve business objectives.