What is the purpose of a training program?

Training programs prepare employees with the skills and knowledge needed to perform their daily tasks. In addition, training programs provide employees with extensive knowledge in their respective fields, allowing them to gain more experience and feel comfortable doing their jobs. Most employees have some weaknesses in their work skills. A training program allows you to strengthen the skills that each employee needs to improve.

A development program takes all employees to a higher level so that everyone has similar skills and knowledge. This helps reduce weak links in the company that rely heavily on others to complete basic work tasks. Training programs can be created independently or with a learning management system, with the goal of long-term employee development. Common training practices include orientation, classroom lectures, case studies, role play, simulations, and computer training, including e-learning.

Employees who have access to training and development programs have the advantage over employees in other companies, who are forced to seek training opportunities on their own.